Shiva Nata in the Pink

I’ve mentioned Shiva Nata on this blog a few times, and I’m finding it to be an excellent tool to help me rethink whatever it is that has me feeling stuck in my writing.  I also used it with my senior students in their capstone writing course to help them push through one day when they all seemed especially stuck.

I want to share with you, then, this bit of Shiva Nata as taught by Havi Brooks, the world’s #2 expert on the dance of Shiva.  In this video, she’s demonstrating level 2 transquarters, only she’s added an additional challenge.

With every passing week, there are more Shiva Nata resources online, so if you’d like to try the big flail on your own, you can seek them out.  I do, however, recommend Andrey Lappa’s Dance of Shiva DVD, which will take you through level 3.  I’ve been doing Shiva Nata on and off for about a year and a half now, and I’m still not all the way through the DVD, though I did get to sample some of the higher levels when I went to one of Havi’s Rallies in Portland.